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Tonopah High School (9-12) Tonopah, NV
Mr.  David  M  Fossett
Assistant Principal
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Principal's Corner

James D. Fossett, Director of Rural School NCSD -MAED C/T & MAED ADM/SUP

Mr. Fossett
Mr. Fossett

July 2017 Update:

Tonopah High School has a new head administrator, David Fossett.  Mr. Fossett will lead the High School building and be the Vice Principal of Tonopah Schools, and Mr. Shakespeare will lead the TES/TMS building as well as being head principal for Tonopah Schools.  Patrick Mulkerns will continue to be Counselor for Tonopah Schools and Steven Stringer will serve as AD for Tonopah Schools.  As Rural Director of schools in the north of NYE County, I will be moving into the North District Offices in Tonopah.  


A few wonderful new hires for THS are:

-Melinda Huff as business teacher (We have some exciting new class offerings with her arrival!)

-Mike Jones as social studies teacher (He has an extensive background in sports coaching and distance learning)

-Josh Abbott as science teacher (He hopes to start a math club and perhaps a DND club at THS.)

-Greg Isaak as wood shop (cabinetry) & welding teacher (He brings some amazing work working projects.)

-Jason Dzikowicz as art teacher (He has spent over 3 year in an art conservatory and has extensive background in art and graphic design.)


May 2017 Update:

I feel so excited about the work our teachers have done and the excellent progress and effort our students have made!  Our reduction of the failure rate is astounding!

The normal failure rate (F's) for first semester in schools our size is about 70.


Our failure rate for the same period was 2. 


Over one year this equates to 21,000 seat hours by students that will not have to be redone next year if we maintain this pattern through the end of the year!  This also equals 1 full teaching position which means about $80,000 worth of staffing we can use for something other than doing work a second time.
In our second semester, as we end the year, we are looking at academic excellence among our students and we have some very good indications.
Second semester:
Last year was a good year for academic progress, 41 letters were sent to students congratulating them on their achieving a 3.25 GPA or better!  37% of the population of the school!!!  That really is quite good.
This year we are sending out 71 letters and that makes 62% of our students with a 3.25 GPA or better!!!  Your hours and hours of work in PLC on Wednesday, and all the time put into Thursday tutoring and counseling of students is producing something we can all be very proud of!  Way to go Tonopah teachers, custodian, cafeteria workers, secretaries, and bus drivers! 
This is a 60% increase in student success at high levels of academic achievement in one year!  That is what all the hard work is accomplishing for students at Tonopah High School!
It has been a very exciting school year with 27 of 27 students in the senior class graduating this year!  Many scholarships were earned and our success rate has renewed our interest in becoming an even better school.
For next year we are adding wood shop, and automotive shop to our list of offerings.  We are also receiving Great Basin College onto our high school campus to make us a high school/college campus.  THS has a new science teacher, math teacher, and will have a new ELA and history teachers (see "Staff" on our website for the names of new teachers).  
Inside the school this summer, we are painting the walls, and redoing the gym floor and it is BEAUTIFUL!


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